Calculation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Preparation of Monitoring Plans

Regulation on the Monitoring of Greenhouse Gas Emissions dated 17.05.2014 and numbered 29003 regarding the emissions of greenhouse gases arising from facilities and activities has been published. The facilities within the scope of Annex-1 of this Regulation prepare Greenhouse Gas Monitoring Plan according to the procedures and principles determined in the Communiqué on the Monitoring and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Date 29.0768 and obtain approval from the ministry and monitor greenhouse gas emissions within this monitoring plan every year They are obliged to prepare the Emission Report.

In this way, greenhouse gas emissions from sectors such as electricity and steam production, cement, iron and steel, ceramics, lime, paper and glass production, which constitute a significant part of national greenhouse gas emissions, will be monitored at the plant level.

ÇİGEM ÇEVRE Dedicated to the extraction, calculation and reporting of the greenhouse gas inventory.