Carbon Footprint Calculation

A study involving the calculation of the loss caused by carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, which are the main causes of global warming, depending on the activities of the enterprises, in relation to the CO2 equivalence and are reported in accordance with ISO-14064.

Carbon footprint calculation steps;
  • Within the boundaries that we will establish in the establishments, determination of greenhouse gas emission sources,
  • Establishment of a database based on identified emission sources,
  • Collection of the necessary data to determine the emission amount of the relevant year from the emission sources and categorization according to the activity areas and the source type,
  • Calculation of emission quantities by transferring collected emission data to database,
  • Preparation of the carbon footprint report of the installations in accordance with the ISO-14064 standard based on the calculated emission data,
  • Digitizing the emission reduction potential of our plants through our efforts to develop emission reduction projects.
The emission reduction projects identified at your facility are passed on to a misstep.