Environmental Consultancy Services

The enterprises that may cause or may cause environmental pollution as a result of activities within the scope of Environmental Law No. 2872 and regulations issued in accordance with this Law are subject to environmental audit. For the activities listed in the Annex-1 list of the Environmental Permit License Regulation entered into force by the latest version of the Official Gazette dated 10.09.2014 and numbered 29115, the enterprises shall be provided with the environment by employing at least two environmental officers and establishing environmental management units, the Administrative Service is obliged to obtain Temporary Activity Documents and the Environmental Permits and Licenses in the following 6 months period. For the activities listed in Annex-2, the enterprises are obliged to employ environmental officers in their own organizations or take environment management services and obtain Temporary Activity Certificate and Environmental Permits and Licenses are required.

Administrative sanctions shall be applied in accordance with the provisions of the Environmental Law No. 2872 on the enterprises operating without temporary permit or environmental permits or environmental permits and licenses.

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