Wastewater and Drinking Water Treatment Plant Project

Wastewater, drinking water and treatment water treatment system designs are designed by the expert engineer staff of ÇİGEM ÇEVRE as efficient, economic and long lasting considering the principle of quality management. Our customers are able to control all kinds of problems at their source and produce special solutions for their operation. Wastewater treatment systems are divided into domestic and industrial. Before discharging both waste water sources, it is absolutely necessary to meet the receiving environment discharge standards.

It must also be passed through a treatment system so that we can not consume water resources as drinking or working water. Clean water can be treated at various treatment stages according to the purpose of use. Advanced treatment methods can also be added. ÇİGEM ÇEVRE works in line with the wishes of its customers and works with them to build the best, most economical and efficient system. Many water sources in our country Drinking is not suitable for general usage conditions and therefore the desired water quality is passed through different treatment stages. Our company designs turnkey solutions for your customers by designing appropriate treatment systems.