Vision & Mission

In line with our mission to realize the consultancy, R&D and project processes needed in the field of Environmental Engineering; We continue to work and produce to provide the professional support required for businesses with our competent colleagues and our organizational approach open to continuous improvement, and to add value to our vision with the aim of becoming the most preferred company in environmental, purification and sustainability technologies by closely following global developments.

Professional Environmental Management Our Services

For your more controlled environmental activities, we offer environmental impact assessment, environmental management, chemicals management, asbestos management and hazardous material safety consultancy and other services.

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Engineering & Contracting

All kinds of problems of our customers are checked at their source and special solutions are produced for the business. Wastewater treatment systems are divided into two: domestic and industrial.

Environmental Management

It is the development of policies and strategies at local, national, regional and global levels to ensure the sustainable use and development of environmental elements by using economic, administrative, legal, political, social and cultural tools.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a process in which the significant impacts of a particular project or development on the environment are determined. This process is not a decision-making process per se; It is a process that develops with and supports it.

Chemicals Management

A Chemical Management System is a systematic approach to sourcing, storing, using and disposing of chemicals within a facility. One of the key elements of this method is the chemical inventory in the factory.

Asbestos Management

Asbestos is a natural silicate mineral that has been used in many different building materials as a strength enhancer and insulation material. In asbestos management, the substance is detected, risk analysis and removal are made.

Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability includes the goods and services of a business; It is a process that includes strategies that are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and support economic growth.

Dangerous Goods Safety Consultancy

Within the scope of the Regulation on the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road, the sender, packer, etc. regarding the Transport of Dangerous Goods. It is mandatory for businesses that perform this work to employ TMGD or receive services.

Business and Working License

Business opening and working license is the permission given by the authorized administrative units to open and operate workplaces within the scope of the Regulation on Business Opening and Working Licenses.

Soil Pollution

The Regulation on the Control of Soil Pollution and Point Source Contaminated Areas, which was enacted in our country and published in the Official Gazette dated 08.06.2010 and numbered 27605, has been published to prevent soil pollution.

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Okan Özçetin

Projects on our platform are screened to ensure they meet capital providers’ expectations creened to ensure.


Okan Özçetin

Projects on our platform are screened to ensure they meet capital providers’ expectations creened to ensure.