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Central Drinking Water Systems

Central Drinking Water Systems

Generally, purified water of the desired quality is obtained through treatment facilities designed according to the characteristics of the water source (stream, lake, river, dam, etc.) in order to provide drinking and domestic water in medium and large-scale residential areas. Since raw water quality, amount of water, distance to the source and seasonal changes are taken into account in the project design of the facility, the process steps to be applied may vary.

Depending on water quality, the facility; It consists of process units such as pre-chlorination, oxidation, physical treatment, chemical treatment, filtration, sedimentation, disinfection and sludge treatment. Gravity flow or intermediate pump stations can be used to provide hydraulic flow depending on the land slope in the area where the facility will be installed.

Compared to other treatment processes, since it provides drinking and potable water supply and has to be operated 24/7, ease of operation and maintenance is ensured by establishing the correct design and automation system. Thanks to laboratory-supported measurements, the facility can always be operated under optimum conditions depending on the raw water quality.

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