Asbestos Management

Preparation of Asbestos Free Reports

Preparation of Asbestos Free Reports

Within the scope of the Regulation on Health and Safety Measures in Working with Asbestos and the Regulation on the Control of Excavation Soil, Construction and Demolition Wastes, asbestos controls must be carried out in all buildings where maintenance, repair, renovation and demolition work will be carried out.

If no asbestos material is found as a result of the samples taken during the ‘Asbestos Inventory Report’ study, the demolition phase can be started after the ‘Asbestos Inventory Report and Asbestos Free Report’ we have prepared.

If asbestos materials are encountered during the work to be carried out, ‘Asbestos Dismantling Work’ is carried out with our Asbestos Dismantling Experts and Asbestos Dismantling Workers, and the resulting waste is hermetically packaged and sent to licensed companies for disposal with licensed vehicles. Afterwards, the ‘Asbestos Removal Report and Asbestos Free Report’ are prepared and it is documented that the building has been cleared of asbestos and the demolition process begins.

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