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Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Treatment Turnkey Project Design

Endüstriyel ve Evsel Atıksu Arıtma Anahtar Teslim Projelendirme

Wastewater, drinking water and utility water treatment system designs are designed by the expert engineer staff of ÇİGEM ÇEVRE as efficient, economical and long-lasting, taking into account the quality management principle. All kinds of problems of our customers are checked at their source and special solutions are produced for the business. Wastewater treatment systems are divided into two: domestic and industrial. Before both wastewater sources are discharged, they must be brought into compliance with the receiving environment discharge standards.

In order for us to consume water resources as drinking or utility water, it must be passed through a purification system. Clean water can be purified in many different purification stages depending on its intended use. Advanced purification methods can also be added. ÇİGEM ÇEVRE acts in line with the wishes of its customers and works with them to build the best, economical and efficient system. Since many water sources in our country are not suitable for the general usage conditions of Drinking, they are passed through different treatment stages according to the desired water quality. Our company produces turnkey solutions for its customers by designing purification systems that suit your needs.


While the discharge standards of the wastewater and drinking water treatment plants are based on the discharge parameters of the Water Pollution Control Regulation, the technology selection and design of the projects to be approved regarding the technology selection and design of the domestic and urban wastewater treatment plants, the treatment and disposal of the treatment sludge and the recovery and reuse of the treated wastewater. , energy efficiency must be taken into account.

Our company’s project team has adopted this requirement as a priority during the entire project design phase. It works both in the office and in the laboratory, as well as in the field, in order to make the most suitable projects with minimum environmental damage and the economic requirements of the facility, with high ease of construction and operation.


Industrial wastewater treatment systems are designed to treat wastewater generated as a result of production activities carried out in industrial facilities. Chemical treatment products are systems that provide the removal of pollutants dissolved in water that cannot be removed after physical treatment processes using chemical methods.

Fast and slow mixing units, these systems are included in our manufacturing program, are used easily and safely in chemical preparation and dosing systems chemical treatment processes. We make the analyzes that we need to do in accordance with the legal legislation, have the laboratory companies that have been contracted by us, have the analyzes done, we train our facility personnel meticulously according to the operating principles, and provide the operation and maintenance services with our experienced staff. We build and operate our treatment facilities at the highest efficiency and at the lowest cost, by obtaining the legal permissions.

We are designing the chemical wastewater treatment plants we have built in a way that will respond to the growing business volume in the future.

The wastewater treatment plant method is selected by constructing the best prototype created with the pollution determinations made in the environment according to the appropriate analysis results in our laboratory that we use for R&D. Wastewater treatment systems, dimensions and treatment units designed for the purpose of treating industrial wastewater; It varies according to the type of industry/sector, production method, amount of wastewater, pollution values of wastewater and the type of receiving environment.


Domestic Wastewater; It is the name given to wastewater generated from places such as bathrooms, toilets and kitchens as a result of daily activities in residences. Domestic wastewater is generally treated using Biological Treatment Methods. Biological Treatment Method; It is a form of treatment based on the elimination of substances that cause pollution, thanks to the microorganisms that will be grown in the wastewater without using any chemicals.

We provide biological package treatment units, easy installation, and fully automatic installation and operation with low energy consumption. The facility in general; It is selected as reinforced concrete or package depending on the facility capacity and operating conditions. Biological treatment systems are designed to include suitable processes from coarse screen, fine screen, pre-treatment chamber, sand trap and oil trap, balancing pool, ventilation pool, disinfection unit and sludge dewatering units.

Using purified water for garden irrigation and/or other purposes

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