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Softening Systems

Softening Systems

As a result of the use of hard water, problems occur in the industry. While softening systems protect the devices you use against the damage of lime water, they also prevent narrowing, clogging, punctures and abrasions caused by lime in general pipelines, reduce the amount of chemicals and increase energy efficiency.

The basic working principle of water softening systems is to help remove Calcium (Ca+2) and Magnesium (Mg+2) ions, which cause hardness in water, from water by ion exchange method. It is the removal process in which the Sodium (Na+1) ions in the cationic resin are replaced by calcium and magnesium ions. After this process, the resin, which has reached saturation, is regenerated with brine with time or flow control. Çigem Environment produces solutions for water softening systems with its experienced expert staff.

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