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Environmental Education

Çevre Eğitimi

As ÇİGEM ÇEVRE, we continue to work for a sustainable environment with our expert staff in our field. In this context, we provide environmental training that adds value to your company in accordance with your corporate structure, under the training title that we attach great importance to.

–  Basic Environmental Awareness Training
– Waste Management Training
–  Zero Waste Training
–  Hazardous substances and Chemicals Management Training
– Environmental Legislation and Environmental Law education
– Environmental impact-dimension Assessment Training
– Environmental risk analysis Training
–  Sustainable environmental Education
– Environmental Emergency Management Training
–  Carbon Footprint Training

Environment and waste management training in industrial organizations Environment and waste management training in healthcare institutions
  • The importance of the environment and the consequences of environmental pollution
  • Wastes and their types that cause environmental pollution
  • Wastes and their types resulting from the business
  • Responsibilities in accordance with environmental legislation
  • Environmental Awareness Training
  • Environmental Officer Internal Auditor Training
  • Waste Management Training
  • Air Pollution Education
  • Soil Pollution Education
  • Water Pollution and Discharge Management Training
  • Training in Working with Chemicals
  • Turkish Environmental Legislation Training
  • Training on Using the E-Environmental Permit Portal for Environmental Officials
  • Training on Using the E-Forest Portal for Forest Permits


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