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Preparation of Project Approval File

Preparation of Project Approval File

Treatment Plant Project Approval Certificate In accordance with the provisions of Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Approval Circular No. 2005/5;

• Project approval is required for wastewater treatment facilities whose construction started after April 27, 2004.

• Wastewater treatment plants established before 27 April 2004 or for which a project tender has been made but the construction has not started, are exempted from the provisions of this Circular. However; If the enterprises prove with an official document that they have established the wastewater treatment plants, made the project tender or started the construction before this date; For the discharge permit procedures, it will be sufficient to have the project report of the wastewater treatment plant and the plans of the wastewater treatment plant.

Your wastewater treatment plant project approval files are meticulously prepared by ÇİGEM ÇEVRE and your project approval letter is received.

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