Corporate Sustainability

Calculating Corporate Carbon Footprint

Calculating Corporate Carbon Footprint

It is a study that involves numerically calculating the damage caused to the environment in terms of CO2 equivalent by your carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions, which occur due to business activities and are the main cause of global warming, and reporting them in accordance with ISO-14064.

Carbon footprint calculation steps;

1. Detection of greenhouse gas emission sources within the limits to be determined in businesses,

2. Creating a database according to the detected emission sources,

3.Collecting the necessary data from emission sources to determine the emission amount for the relevant year and categorizing them according to their fields of activity and source type,

4. Calculation of emission amounts by transferring the collected emission data to the database,

5. Preparing the Carbon Footprint report of the facilities in accordance with the ISO-14064 standard based on calculated emission data,

6. Digitalizing the emission reduction potential of facilities thanks to our work on developing emission reduction projects.

7. Emission reduction projects identified in your facility are implemented.

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