ÇİGEM, which we established in 2012 with the aim of providing Environment, Occupational Safety and Quality Management systems consultancy services with our experience in the public and private sectors; After receiving the environmental consultancy qualification, he was authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for EIA Service qualification.

ÇİGEM GROUP is affiliated with ALY TMGDK A.Ş., whose authorization we have completed. and Kent Asbestos Services LTD. ŞTİ. It is one step closer to its goal of expanding to a wide area nationally and internationally by also operating in the fields of hazardous substances and asbestos management.

By further strengthening our experience in industrial wastewater treatment with our R&D center located in Marmara University Technopark under our ÇİGEM TECH brand, we add value in the field of sustainable environmental technologies, especially turnkey wastewater treatment facilities, both at home and abroad, in the light of technological and scientific data.

Our group company, CORS A.Ş., where we produce innovative projects and solutions with our domestic and national technology studies in order to add value to the sector within the scope of sustainability. As ÇİGEM GROUP, we work to provide services to wider areas with our expert technical staff.

Our Subsidiaries


It is a group company established by experienced Asbestos Dismantling Experts in order to dismantle detected asbestos-containing structures within the framework of national and international standards and to dispose of the asbestos and asbestos-contaminated wastes that will be generated.


ALY TMGDK, provides services to businesses dealing with dangerous goods within the scope of ADR (Agreement on International Transportation of Dangerous Goods by Road) and the legislation published by the Ministry of Transport & Infrastructure.

Vision & Mission

In line with our mission to realize the consultancy, AR-GE and project processes needed in the field of Environmental Engineering; We continue to work and produce to provide the professional support required for businesses with our competent colleagues and our organizational approach open to continuous improvement, and to add value to our vision with the aim of becoming the most preferred company in environmental, purification and sustainability technologies by closely following global developments.